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Lean-to Conservatories

lean to conservatory

If you prefer a clean, simple look and a great useable space, a lean-to conservatory is the ideal choice.

  • Traditional or contemporary designs
  • ideal for properties with limited space under the eaves or an awkward area
  • Flexible floor plan, L-shaped, return around corners, or fit into corners.
  • Roof pitch variable, shallow to fit under a low bungalow roof, or steeper pitch to match the roof of a 2-storey house.
  • Ideal for sunroom or garden room,
  • a taste of the Mediterranean.
  • perfect for narrow spaces.

Edwardian Conservatories

edwardian conservatory

Many people love the Edwardian conservatory design due to its likeness with a typical room in your home.

  • The square fronted corners give the optimum interior floor space
  • More room for your furniture.
  • Endless opportunities: dining room, play room, garden room or additional ‘general’ space.
  • Pitch and ridge direction to suit any property, for maximum headroom and a true feeling of space.

At Clear Again Windows we firmly believe that a conservatory should not just be a 'bolt-on' glass addition, which is why each one is individually designed to echo the style and character of your property.

Being visually pleasing is just part of the job, another important consideration is its prospective use and practicalities like where best to position the furniture, doors, heaters or power points, for example.

After approval of the finished design, our installation experts will ensure that everything from the footings, brickwork, drainage, wiring and glazing etc. conform to our exacting specifications. And they'll take great care to carry out the installation as efficiently and as cleanly as possible with the minimum of disruption.